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As a plastic moulding type blow moulding is used through different industries for a range of different products and components. If you are in the market for hollow plastic objects then as blow moulding manufacturers we can provide the service you require. We are able to blow mould any quantity to meet your demands and also provide the complete design and tooling service. Whatever stage you at are at feel free to contact us for advice.

We can provide blow moulding for any quantity and all requirments.

HDPE Blow Moulding.

The process of blow moulding includes:

1) The plastic form is granuals which is fed into a hopper on the top of the machine. The hopper keeps the granuals, which is then fed into the heated feed. A common plastic is HDPE blow moulding which is suitable for most applications.

2) The best way to describe the next stage is there is a large 'thread / screw' which is powered and turns - the granuals come from the hopper and feeds them through the heated section.

2) During this process the granuals 'melt' with the plastic becoming a liquid form. It this then forced into the mould ready to be blow moulded.

3) Into the mould is a parison which is clamped in place. Air is then forced into the mould and 'blows' the plastic to form the shape that the mould is. Once cooled the part is removed from the mould and is the final product required.

















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